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At EnsoClean we take a mindful and, modern approach to Cleaning, Organizing & Disinfecting. Our expert cleaning professionals serve the Fargo/Moorhead Community and Surrounding Red River Valley. As a small business we know the importance of having a clean home and workspace. Providing you with affordable upfront pricing for our cleaning services, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal possible. We've built our reputation on making it easy for you to keep your home and office safe and clean. Our cleaners use EPA-registered cleaning products and follow CDC guidelines, not only cleaning and straightening up your space, but also disinfecting all high-touch surfaces and areas.

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"“I am extremely happy with the professionalism and how thorough the team from EnsoClean is. They are always on time and the quality of work is hands down the best I’ve encountered in the 10+ years I’ve used cleaning services.” "


Fargo, ND

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